• Minority Rights Campaign

During its nationwide consultations, the issue of discriminatory job advertisements was highlighted by Minority leaders. Based on this, NCHR undertook a fact finding mission to deep dive into the matter. As a result, NCHR found that more than 300 government and private sector organizations had posted discriminatory job advertisements contrary to the Constitution and prejudicial to the minority communities of Pakistan. NCHR launched a campaign against this systemic discrimination. The launch began with the screening of a film on sanitation workers directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and followed by a detailed consultation with minority leaders and activists. Subsequently, the Commission wrote letters to all the Chief Secretaries to bring the issue to their notice and demand a complete ban on discriminatory advertisements against minorities. On NCHR demand, the Ministry of Human Rights also wrote to the Chief Secretaries reiterating this concern.  At the end, all provincial Governments through Chief Secretaries have pledged to resolve this gross violation and to be mindful in the future. A fact finding report on NCHR findings will be made public soon.

  • Media engagements:

NCHR held media engagement sessions in all the federal and provincial capitals. The primary purpose of the engagements was to reintroduce the Commission and its new members and to update the media on the future direction of NCHR