• Usman Mirza case

The Usman Mirza case involved the rape and video of a young couple. At the closing of the case the victims turned hostile. NCHR took notice of the issue and became observer in the case. Chairperson and members NCHR, along with their legal team attended the hearings and gave their recommendations/submissions on the case. Recommendation given by NCHR included use and efficacy of the Witness Protection Law in the protection of witnesses.

  • Nazim Jokhiyo case

The murder of Nazim Jokhio is a gross violation of Human Rights and abuse of power. Due to delays in the submission of challan by the police, NCHR took notice of the case and regularly attended the hearings. NCHR also lobbied and partnered with Civil Society to raise funds and provide protection to the widow Shireen Jokhio.

Sialkot Incident

The brutal murder of Mr. Priyantha Kumara was heart-wrenching. The gross disregard for Human Rights was very concerning for the Commission. It was quick to take note of the situation. Member Punjab and Member Minority visited the site to analyze any prevalent undercurrents of the event and asked for reports from the District Police officer. Since then NCHR asks for periodic reports and updates on the case. In its recent correspondence, the DPO informed the commission 85 accused have been arrested and the initial Challan has been submitted by the police.